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Founded in 1965, in Nagoya, Japan and 1990 in Dallas, Texas. KMP produces music, music videos, and handles the distribution of music, videos, and the permission process for music clearances in documentaries, motion pictures, television, digital video, and new media development.   Awards including Billboard's heetseeker Album's of the year.  Relations with ABC and the Satellite music network and Sony Music Japan.  A diverse client roster including ABC, Cap-Cities Radio, Western Merchandiser's (largest country music distributors), Seiko-do (largest Japanese distributor), Platinum recording artists, Coca-Cola, Intel, and advertising agencies.

SANCO operates an extensive, self-loading database of song ownership and has tracked performance of copyright owners for over 12 years. We can provide our clients with accurate projections of music clearance costs. Our staff of 7 clears approximately 1000 projects annually.

Free Information
This site can be used as a tool to help you research: actors, artists, residual fees, residual income, producers contracts, production equipment, post production sound clips, musicians, music clearance and hundreds of helpful production research links. 

Chris Sanders he is the head of music for Kawaii Music Productions. A composer/publisher member of The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Screen Actors Guild, and C.E.O. of Sanco Operating Publishing Company.  Nobuo Egawa is the head of music for KMP, LTD. Japan. A platinum recording artist and executive producer. (Sony Music Entertainment, Japan.) 

Distribution Revolution
A revolution is brewing.  MP3 has united artists and audiences in a technological revolt against the powers of Big Media--music labels and movie studios.   Now the wall of packaging, warehousing, marketing, and sales that separated them is being torn down.  As a result we have created a new paradigm in which one to one marketing and promotion will be the secret to success.

"Artist's need to realize that you can make the same $100.000.00 by selling 15,000 records, rather than a million with a major label."  Richard Dekkard, electronica artist

Artists can display their talents and sell their music online with us contact 

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