non- profit organization


1.  Income for the FIVE remaining IND Patients.  Originally there were fifteen patients now there are only five.  The government grows the marijuana for them. But claim's their program does not exist.  This investment will help open the eyes of America.  Exposing the truth that the Federal Government has in fact a Marijuana Garden and supplies five people with prescription pot. Currently lawyers are instructed not to make any references about these patients or their program in Federal court.  The Federal Government has passed a "house rule".  Ceasing anymore information about this program to be disclosed to Congress.  However, congress can be exposed and educated by new media from their own federally funded FDA & NIDA marijuana crop growing at the University of Mississippi and they should listen to what their doctors have been saying.  By making documentaries and funding these patients to speak publicly we can help end this war on drugs because this war on drugs is a war on us.  The five remaining patients need an angel investor.

Patient #1. Elvy Musikka
Patient #2. Irvin Rosenfeld
Patient #3. Barb Douglass
Patient #4. Corrine Millet
Patient #5.  George McMahon

A yearly personal gift of $42,000.00 X 5 =  $210,00.00 US Dollars
and their five (5) assistants $420.00 a week for 52 weeks = $109,200.00

Project Coordinator = $42,000.00 US
duties: 1-3 
1. New Media / Video Shoot / Upload / Organization
2. Yearly educational goals or speaking events with patients and their assistants 
3. Goals Planned and Met Committee: (Angel Investor, Coordinator, IND Patients) 

This projects funds total:
after this fund is met phase 2 kicks in.

 Phase# 2. 
1.Will addresses Allowances for Prisoners Of War in jail for medical marijuana offenses.  (The Five IND Patients and Dr. C. C. Sanders will be the board for this committee.)

2. Paid legal services. Salaries for lawyers and defense teams dedicated to freeing those incarcerated using medical marijuana.

            a. Federal cases will supercede State cases        

            b. law teams developed and transitioned on a state by state level by experts that have a proven track record on medical marijuana cases.

The overall goal of this investment is to expose and educate the Federal Government of the United States of America to their own studies about Medical Marijuana through their own federally funded program called the Investigational New Drug Program.  Whereas the the United States through the FDA and NIDA have been growing weed and giving it to patients since 1976.   The problem?  Marijuana works as a medicine.  The remaining patients are all handicapped so this should help them with transportation and quality of life.  The easier it is for these patients to get around the more you will see them on talk shows and hear from them on the radio educating America about the benefits they have received through the federal marijuana program.  Patients have received 300 joints a month since 1976 through the federal government of the United States of America.  They claim marijuana is not a medicine - This program exposes that lie.  The house rule exposed above killed my friend New York Times Best Selling Author - Peter McWilliams.  We were not allowed to defend him in federal court.  Elvy Musikka came to aide but was forbidden to speak about the fact that our government does recognize medical marijuana as a medicine and the fact that they have been growing it for her and other patients through the FDA and NIDA since 1976.  So I have made it my personal duty to meet the remaining ambulatory patients, and we want to educate America and end the war on drugs (especially marijuana) because this war on drugs is a war on us.