George McMahon is one of five living IND Patients.

Welcome to George McMahon's Home Page

Welcome to my home page. I am the 5th legal medical marijuana recipient in the United States. Since March of 1990, I have been receiving a monthly prescription for medical marijuana from the federal government.
The Federal Investigative New Drug Program

At the current time, there are only
FIVE of us left.

Health and Human Services recently released new guidelines to investigate marijuana as medicine, but there are two additional steps that must be complied with that do not apply to any other proposed drug or substance in order to do studies on medical marijuana, including petitioning the National Institute on Drug Abuse for permission to investigate uses and do studies on the effects of marijuana as a medicine.

Since the first of 1997, I have been on a National Tour, speaking of my experience as a recipient of medical marijuana. I have had world-wide exposure by giving lectures and speaking before groups at colleges and universities, state legislatures, European parliments, as well as being featured on CNN, international TV, and in many other publications.

Want to know the effects of marijuana as medicine? Let's talk.

ASK GEORGE about the Medical use of Marijuana.

I'm not a rat. I can tell you the medical reality as I live with it day in and day out.

This is not an anecdotal experience. I am living, breathing proof that marijuana can be/IS a safe and effective medicine.

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George McMahon
, one of five patients in
The Federal Investigative New Drug Program

(medical marijuana program) and receives 300 rolled marijuana cigarettes 
every month and is a founding member of Patients Out of Time