a documentary by Michael Henning
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Hempsters Plant the Seed
a documentary by Michael Henning

George McMahon, Irvin Rosenfeld, and Elvy Musikka, with Chris Sanders.   The Investigational New Drug program 30 joints a day to patients since 1976  through the FDA and NIDA.
The Federal Medical Marijuana Study
The Investigative New Drug
these US Federal patients have been receiving US federal medical marijuana since 1976 grown at the University of Mississippi, packaged through FDA and NIDA, and the government says that they do not recognize marijuana as a medicine.  This documentary exposes that lie called "The House Rule".  It is a lawyers contract that says they can be silent and lie while forbidding you to talk about what they do in court - you can not expose the marijuna that they grow, or the patients that they have, and my friend Peter McWilliams died fighting for our rights in federal court.  Too many people have died.  I say its time to let our people grow.   Two states have fully legalized marijuana.  The federal stance? They don't recognize marijuana as a medicine?  another lie?  Help me expose the truth, now is the time for the door to be opened.  Marijuana can be legalized if we help educate our politicians to discover this truth.  Fact is, the federal government grows marijuana and our politicians are not even aware of it. Fact is, all of the data has been very positive.
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The Federal Medical Marijuana Documentary
Produced & Directed by Christopher C. Sanders



The Federal Medical Marijuana Documentary
half of part 1
Peter McWilliams, Todd McCormick, Dennis Peron, Elvy Musikka, Genie Brittingham, Jack Herer, Renee Moore - Sister Somayah, Williams Britt, Brett Harelson, Irvin Rosenfeld, George McMahon, Thomas Balanco, Bill Hickey, Tiffany Neumann - by Chris Sanders

Sister Somayah Kambui - Renee Moore - The Crescent Alliance Self Help For Sickle Cell Anemia.
South Central Los Angeles. 
Medical Marijuana Pioneer and Veteran. 

(This is only the first half of her documentary.)

 "The Emperor wears no clothes!" by Jack Herer
(this is only half of part 2)

George McMahon, Elvy Musikka, and Irvin Rosenfeld
receive medical marijuana through the United States federal government, through a program called "The Investigational New Drug Program" it is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and run and regulated by the NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) - it is kept secret from most of us in many ways.   In fact -
The US Federal Government has in fact approved and recognized marijuana as a medicine since 1972.  Now 2 states have legalized it. (Colorado & Washington) Who keeps us from legalization?  The big pharmaceutical's!  A piece of paperwork allows them to lie about it, and because of this paperwork my dear friend Peter McWilliams is dead.  Help me expose the house rule.   So here is this lie ...the paper work that allows them to lie is called the HOUSE RULE. here it is.  Now help me legalize pot in our free country - the more of us that know about their lie, the less they have anything to stand behind.  These chains on the drug war are based on blasphemy.  To question who created the seed and its validity is pure - blasphemy.  You are questioning the creators work.   Inform your politicians Americans because most likely, they do not know about the FDA and federally approved IND program.   This is the information that has opened the door for state wide legalization campaigns.

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