This is the most informative site regarding the laws of marijuana in Southern California.  It is used and recommended for Public Defenders and Patients that are not familiar with State laws regarding medical marijuana and the compassionate use act.  This site also teaches patients seeking information about how to comply with marijuana laws and how to become legal.   

This site contains actual court orders, attorney general guidelines, precedent cases, Federal cases, pending Federal cases, expert witness links regarding medical marijuana, medical doctors recommendations, organizations to defend patients, and county by county poll reports from the passing of Proposition 215.  This site can be uploaded with new information regarding marijuana law contact 

Or you can join our group and do something about the war on drugs because this war on drugs is a war on us 


Your best defense starts with knowing the laws and reading the actual court orders.
California was very lenient on defining the laws of what can qualify you as a patient.  Perhaps many of you reading this don't realize that you are actually patients. (visit ) Marijuana was the number one prescribed medication in The United States until 1861 when it was replaced by Morphine until 1865 because of severe injuries during the Civil War.  From 1865 to 1901 marijuana was the number one prescribed medication in The United States, until it was replaced by Bayer aspirin which by the way is derived from willow bark and is another healing herb. 

Becoming legal starts with a doctors note.  This can be your doctor.  However doctors are scared about letting patients write on their medical records.  Because of this I have provided legal documents which will immunize your Doctor from prosecution.  On a Federal level your Doctor can not write you a prescription for marijuana and they know this.    However as a patient, inform your doctor of your problems and define your medical necessity.  Once your medical necessity has been established by a doctor - You are complying with California Safe and Health Code 11362.5   

Back Problems
Change of Life
Sickle Cell Anemia
Sleep Depravation

Tell your doctor of your problem and even let him write you a prescription for your ailment.   He can only prescribe morphine, heroine, or other synthetic narcotics.  The safest plant he can not prescribe.  However medical organizations support the medical use of Marijuana.

American Public Health Association, California Nurses Association, Lymphoma Foundation of America, Irvin Henry Rosenfeld, Barbara Douglas, Elvy Musikka, George Lee McMahon, American Medical Women's Association, Colorado Nurses' Association, New Jersey Nurses' Association, VA Hospital Los Angeles, AIDS Treatment Initiatives, AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, AIDS Project of Arizona, Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse, Marin County Medical Society of California, Gay and Lesbian Medial Association

Your doctor will want to know what kind of medications you are on.  
Marijuana is great for relieving nausea caused by Cancer treatments.
Marijuana is the best Medication for Glaucoma.
Marijuana is the best Medication for Sickle Cell Anemia.
You must inform your doctor that you use Marijuana for a medical use.
This information must be written on your medical record or your not legal.

This can help you get out of jail and grow the very best marijuana.  There is nothing like smoking bud that you  (The Patient) have grown yourself.

If you are a Patient and a friend is growing for you because you can not.  This friend is defined as a Primary Care Giver. 

Remember  smoking imported bud from Mexico sometimes has pesticides on the plant.  Learn how to clean your bud.  Peter McWilliams was writing a wonder book about how to grow marijuana and how to consume your medical marijuana.  That is until the Federal Government ordered him off his medical marijuana.  He had AIDS and had discovered a cure with doctors at UCLA.  With the marijuana he could keep the cocktail therapy in.  Seven months later he died.




we make documentaries on medical marijuana patients and those awaiting trial over medical marijuana cases.