Productionclips has the ultimate tools for motion graphics and visual effects
Beta Testers of Adobe After Effects® 4.1-5 software.  Offers extraordinary creative freedom and control for designing sophisticated motion graphics and visual effects for film, digital video, multimedia, and on the Web. Its tight integration with Adobe Photoshop® 4-7 & CS, Illustrator®, After Effects, and Premiere® gets us up and running fast and makes all of us more productive.  From storyboarding in Photoshop to animating in Alias, Maya, or 3D Studio Max you will have the complete "Production Tools", with the most in advanced artistry in motion control and keying capabilities, plus additional 3D channel, audio, and visual effects.   Independently, you can hire Marcus Coleman for animation through  James Shields and Meri Kussi Shields  for Flash at and MTV logo creator and original art director Royi Akavia for animation at  |  Chris Sanders and the group are only available on projects with over a $120,000.00 budget.   This site and its content are protected by © COPYRIGHT 2005. contact us              

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